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Philer - A simple Web Document Management Tool written in PHP

Philer is a web tool that allow groups of people to access and download files (eg an Intranet Site, or a collaborative group); Philer has a full administration side that allow operations on files, users, groups and all their association, once the administrator has set up users, groups and files, users can log in the system and access files that administrator grand permission to them

Demo Note:
There could be errors with session and pear DB inclusion, i think this is due to the clustering of sourceforge, if you get errors while displaying the pages try to refresh (usually errors are about setfetchmode function and include path), Sorry for the inconvenience!!!

Some Features:
  • Unlimited authenticated Users
  • Unlimited groups
  • Unlimited Files
  • Multiple Association between Users and group
  • Multiple Association between groups and files
  • Files stored outside public accessible directory
  • Full Web Based administration
  • Users and group can be temporarly disabled
  • Fully customizable interface (using templates)
  • File upload throught FTP (avoid http timeout and size limits)

    Plans for future releases
  • Standalone Administrative tool with integrated file transfer
  • Virtual Folders
  • Access levels for admin
  • Workflow Process
  • Internal search Engine
  • File revision
  • Useless Mime-Type icon
  • Per-User Sharing
  • Logo Tracker Tracker
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